RTEK TELDAK is a technology company founded in early 2009 with researchers from Siemens® R&D department. The Smart Home passion of these researchers born with the smartphone industry. At that time the vision was to create hardware and software to integrate every electrical device at home! Two years later born the first Smart Home. Since then, it was created more than one thousand homes with our product, mainly in Europe.

On 2015, RTEK TELDAK decided to change their products to allow the installation on every existing home ! This way, today we can have the mission: improve the well-being and happiness of everyone !

RTEK TELDAK don’t have distributors or resellers. We know that the installation service is so important as the product itself, and this is the reason you can count on us for everything: Show you the product, Advise you the best solutions, Make you a quote, Coordinate with other teams, Install the product, Teach you how to use it, Make preventive system maintenance and corrective system maintenance.

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