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The Most Integrated System

TELDAK has the most integrated system solution that includes almost every electrical device that you can have at home.

Everything in the same platform, everything in the same App !

This way, you can create actions and rules that allow devices of different families to interact each other ! Example: The garden lights can turn on after you receive a video-door call at night.

Teldak system integrates lights, blinds, power plugs, smart glasses, flood sensors, smoke sensors, irrigation, surveillance cameras, video-door, burglar alarm, multiroom sound system, TVs, Home Cinema, gates, hydraulic climate systems, air conditioners, electricity and water meters, and many other devices.

TELDAK App main screen
TELDAK Embedded TouchScreen

Beautiful Embedded Touchscreens

Our All-In-One Embedded Touchscreens (10 inchs and 7 inchs available) allow you to have a clean design at your walls with just one touch panel to control everything at home.

You don’t need anymore the traditional video-door monitor, the traditional burglar alarm pinpad, and the traditional climate central thermostat control.

You will have a very high-tech home entry !

Custom Touch Videodoors

Our Videodoor can be made especifically for your building!

The Videodoor system is the building face for guests. Our unique glass design with touch capacitive buttons improves the aesthetics of your building.

It is possible to have a dedicated call button for each apartment, with the labels that you choose, or you can use the lock code keyboard to call the apartment number.

TELDAK Video-Door
TELDAK Switchs

Wonderful Touch Wall-Switchs

Change your old switchs by our new WiFi Touch Switchs, and transform your home in a Smart Home in just one day, without any rewiring.

With this product you can control the lights, blinds, climate, and much more with your smartphone ! The instalation is very easy and fast, without any rewiring at your home.

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New Home

Install Today On Your Existing Home !

TELDAK solution offers you the flexibility to have almost all features without rewiring your current home. The installation is quick and without any kind of refurbishment.

Start to improve your security and comfort Today ! Ask us a Free Quote !

New Home

Are You Building a new Home ?

Nowadays almost every new home is being built with some kind of Home Automation system. If you are building a new home and you don’t understand why you must include an home automation system, please contact us, we will make you a demo to show you the benefits.

We have a dedicated team to help you to build the dream home ! We cooperate from the initial projects ! Contact Us !

New Buildings

Vertical Building Construction

Lets make business together !

TELDAK has the most customizable and impressive Multi-Videodoor System ! The entire apartment can be controlled from the same touch panel: the video-door monitor.

We warranty you that our system will increase your business profits.

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